Swift Networks Limited Offers 4G Broadband Service To Customers In Nigeria

Swift Networks Limited, Nigeria’s foremost broadband service provider today announced that the survey it conducted on the broadband user habits and attitude indicated that only 20% of broadband subscribers are responsible for approximately 80% of the data carried on an operator’s network. This is the popular Pareto principle that 20% takes the 80% of most things. Yet, the company forges ahead to make money. They just expanded their broadband offerings.


Swift Networks Limited said it is committed at ensuring excellent performance levels and real value for its customers’ investments with its new 4G broadband internet facility.


The firm said that its Broadband Internet offerings are designed to suit big enterprises, small businesses and residential users with varying usage plans. In all the packages, Swift has promised excellent performance levels and real value for customers’ investments.


The Enterprise Solution package offers broadband data services to big enterprises; this is achieved through Swift’s MPLS network architecture, offering converged voice telephony, video conferencing, video surveillance, high-speed data transmission and internet access services. The Business package offers fast 4G broadband services to take business productivity to the next level.



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