Tachyus Is Disrupting Oil and Gas Production with Smart Technology

Tachyus Is Disrupting Oil and Gas Production with Smart Technology

By Nnamdi Odumody

Tachyus creates smart technology to optimize energy production for the oil and gas industry across the most challenging production environment, including secondary and tertiary oil recovery in complex reservoirs. Its platform utilizes analytics and sensors that measure real time data to increase production, decrease lease operating expenditure and maximize profits.

Industry operators of various sizes across have leveraged Tachyus solutions across 25,000 wells to achieve up to 20 percent increase in production and up to 40 percent decrease in injection costs. Petroleum engineers across the globe use the platform to integrate all relevant data sources in real time, explore millions of scenarios and identify optimal operational and development plans resulting in 10 percent + increase in net present value of assets.

Solution Portfolios

Thermion: empowers operators to prioritize the best cyclic steam candidates by ranking all opportunities in the field and solving for the optimal stimulation volume on a per job basis. It helps to cut OPEX by focusing only on the best cyclic opportunities, predict production response and prioritize accordingly, identifying the optimal injection volume well by well, empowering engineers to do more in less time, visualize job by job and field wide financial performance. Also, its smart algorithms drives candidate selection and decision making.

Atmion: producers to cut costs and increase production in steam flood operations. It cuts OPEX by reducing injection while maintaining production. It predicts production response and redistributes steam accordingly.

Aqueon: helps to maximize production by discovering the optimal configuration of producers and injectors. It reduces costs by reducing water injection while maintaining production.

Baryon: helps to identify optimal injection rates throughout the lifecycle of a SAGD project to minimize steam oil ratios and reduce costs by reducing steam injection while maintaining production.

Dioxeon: predicts production response and redistributes CO2 accordingly, reducing costs by reducing CO2 injection while maintaining production.

Fraceon: optimizes completion design to minimize fracking costs and maximize initial production rates in shale production.

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