Take ACTION – Raise the Bar

Take ACTION – Raise the Bar

“There has never been a recession period that everybody was poor. And there would never be a prosperous year that everybody would be rich.” Poverty and prosperity are products of choice. 

Trace it as far as you can, and you will find, that success has never lowered its standards to accommodate anyone. You have to raise your standards to achieve it. 

God provides food for every bird but not in its nest. Greatness is not reserved for any particular race. Success is not a native of America and Europe. Success is in you. It is available in abundance everywhere for everyone who is willing to pay the price.

Nothing is impossible for the human spirit.  The “can do” spirit of many has brought them from living in poor houses to flying their own jets. There’s no limit to what you can do and achieve as a man or woman. If you can dream it, if you can grind for it and if you can pursue your dreams with the force of a bulldog after a cat, you can achieve it. 

Prayers does not cancel ignorance. It is insane to keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. To succeed in life, you need knowledge, you need understanding and you need wisdom. 

Knowledge is information. It is gotten through reading and research. The solutions to most of the problems that we have in business, relationships and personal development are hidden on the pages of books. But as simple as this exercise is, nine out of ten will never participate in it, and three out of five are ready to give a defense of how too busy they are to partake in it. Little wonder there’s so much at the disposal of a few number of individuals and so few is at the disposal of many. There’s no denying that 90% of the world’s wealth is in the hands of 10% of the world’s population.

Understanding is comprehension. When you read or mine information, you must be able to comprehend what you have read. This step is necessary because without it, you can’t do number three.

Wisdom is application. It is action. And that’s what makes the difference. Your success in life is in direct proportion to what you do after you do what you’re expected to do. Nothing works in life without action.  If learning about success is all it takes to do great things with your life, then your success would be guaranteed. The bookstores are full of self-help books, each one of them is loaded with ideas that you can use to be more successful. The fact is, all of the best advice in the world will only help you if you can motivate yourself to take persistent, continuous action in the direction of your goal until you succeed. Raise the bar!

To be successful in life, the acceptable is never enough! You must resolve to get up a little earlier, work a little harder and stay up a little later. You must resolve to do today what others won’t do in order to have tomorrow what others won’t have. It won’t be easy but it is a hard grind for a worthwhile future.

Enough of blame game. Cease from it. Your parents are not to blame in totality for what you are today. You got your independence, and become responsible, and accountable for your life the moment your umbilical cord was cut off in the labour room. You’re responsible!

Arise O’ Nigerian youths. Pick up your sickle. Do more than you’re paid for. Do more than others expect of you. Go the extra mile. Get busy. Get going. Take action. Don’t waste time. Rise up to the challenges ahead of you, conquer your fears and never look back. That’s how winners are made. 

August is another 31 days of awesome opportunity. It is a clean sheet given to us by our Creator for us to correct the mistakes that we made in the past. It is not too late for you to become the best that you can be. Whatever your hand findeth to do, do it with whole of your heart and bet the best at it.

Raise the bar! 

See you at the top!!

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5 thoughts on “Take ACTION – Raise the Bar

  1. “Poverty and prosperity are products of choice.” This line didn’t factor in the fact that some people never choose what they are into, their fate was sealed without their consent anyway.

    The word ‘success’ is relative, and it’s better understood and appreciated when viewed from the perspective of happiness. Yes, you can do all you can, fight as hard as you can, without actually being ‘successful’, but you can be happy and live peacefully, having given everything. Even when armed with right information and knowledge, you still hope that other outside factors work in your favour; that’s where Grace comes in!

    We do not want people to be frustrated, because there are things in this world we simply do not know why they happen, and how they happen. Celebrate your efforts more than the unreachable end goals you set for yourself, that way – you will live happily ever after.

    1. Success is relative but some basic things are evident. I do think we can agree on that. Somali is a failed state. South Korea is a successful country. That does not mean we do not have messed up people in South Korea and some in Somali who are just fine.

  2. The key thing in life is the mastery of the act of combining knowledge, understanding and wisdom, into common sense. This act, is key to success no matter our platform.

  3. Toluwalope Adedokun · Edit

    This post is very insightful. You touched on very salient points. The wealth of information I gathered cannot be quantified.Thank you for taking time out to write and publish this post. I’ll ensure I share this link with everyone on my contact.


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