Tecno Should Make Blockchain-Powered Phones

Tecno Should Make Blockchain-Powered Phones

Dear Tecno,

You have done well in Nigeria. To a large extent, it is your market to lose. But you need to take action very fast because in the next 18 months, the smartphone market would be radically transformed. I expect the next (major) version of iPhone to have blockchain integration. Also, I expect the next major upgrade of Android to have blockchain native integration.

Blockchain smartphone is just around the corner. I do believe that all the hard techs behind blockchain would be demystified with smartphones, making blockchain easy for ordinary people.

Make a blockchain-powered Android phone and call it Tecno Block. It should have a universal wallet with capabilities to support decentralized apps and cryptocurrencies. That means support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Build the trading system natively in the hardware and OS core to make it seamless. Just as you have Messages, have one for Blockchain Apps.

The phone will be the hub making it possible for people to own their identities, data and private keys. All the issues of privacy would be managed more efficiently. You want to get ahead of this because it is coming.

And remember, you may need a Chief Decentralized Officer to manage this interface with the Nigerian youth.




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