TED Global Fellows 2011 Booklet – 77 Page Masterpiece of Innovation and Can-Do People

Here is a copy of the latest fellows directory.  You can also send it to others with the download link below.

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——Our original post on these amazing people ———

In an email communication from our Founder who is a TED Fellow, he forwarded this list as the names of the new 2011 TED Global Fellows. Five Africans made the list, including Nigerian Femi Akinde.  We congratulate the winners.


Femi Akinde (Nigeria | US) – Mobile commerce innovator
Founder of SlimTrader, the first platform in Africa allowing consumers to shop for goods and services via their mobile phones through text.

Jodie Wu (US | Tanzania) – Appropriate technologist
Founder of Global Cycle Solutions, an organization developing and selling appropriate tech in the form of bicycle add-ons.
Alex Odira Odundo (Kenya) – Agricultural machinist
Kenyan inventor of the Sisal Decorticator, a device turning sisal plant into fibre, and the Sisal Twinner, a device turning sisal fibre into rope.

Serge Mouangue (Cameroon | Japan) – Cross cultural designer
Tokyo based Cameroonian cross cultural artist + designer — bringing both African and Japanese techniques into his work.

Somi (Rwanda | Uganda | US) – Singer + cultural activist
East African soul-jazz vocalist + songwriter and founder of New Africa Live.

Others are:

Manuel Aguilar (Guatemala) – Energy entrepreneur
Founder of Quetsol, an organization meeting the energy needs of the Guatemalan people with appropriate tech solutions.
Suleiman Bakhit (Jordan) – Comic creator + social media entrepreneur
Jordanian social media entrepreneur creating comics, animation, and games for the Middle East.
Yana Buhrer Tavanier (Bulgaria) – Mental health activist
Investigative journalist working to expose the inhumane treatment of children and adults with disabilities and mental illness in the Balkans.
Monika Bulaj (Poland | Italy) – Photo documentarian
Photographer + documentarian telling the stories of people and places in conflict.
Bilge M. Demirkoz (Turkey | Switzerland) – Particle physicist + educator
Particle physicist + educator currently working at CERN on the ATLAS experiment, looking for new physics.
Julie Freeman (UK) – Tech artist
UK based artist combining science, technology, and natural systems, in order to create work that “translates” nature.
Jose Gomez-Marquez (Honduras | US) – Medical device designer


Director of the IIH (Innovations in International Health) Lab at MIT, inventing and deploying medical technology for global health.



Lars Jan (US) – Transmedia director
US based media artist and founder of Early Morning Opera, a multidisciplinary art lab creating works about “America right now.”
Christine Lee (US | China) – Bio-archeologist
American bio-archeologist working to uncover and better understand
Mongolia and China’s ancient civilizations.
Jae Rhim Lee (US) – Scientific artist
Founder of the Infinity Burial Project, a project developing a unique strain of mushroom that decomposes and remediates toxins in human tissue.
Jon Lowenstein (US) – Documentary Photographer
Photographer specializing in long-term, in-depth projects around power, poverty, and violence — also working to create a foundation committed to social justice through visual communication.
Sonaar Luthra (US) – Water testing innovator
Creator of Water Canary, a water-testing device that collects real-time water quality data from the field.
Nathalie Miebach (US) – Weather artist
Boston based artist using weather data to create sculptures and music.

Genevieve von Petzinger (Canada) – Cave art researcher

Canadian doctoral student studying ancient geometric signs from the Ice Age.
Lucianne Walkowicz (US) – Stellar astronomer
Postdoctoral Fellow studying the effects of stellar activity on exoplanets with the Kepler Mission.

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