Tekedia Capital Demo Day is Oct 8; New Syndicate Members Invited

Tekedia Capital Demo Day is Oct 8; New Syndicate Members Invited

On Saturday, October 8, seven startups will pitch before Tekedia Capital Syndicate members. We hope to support another class of great startups. Tekedia Capital has incubated startups which ended up joining YCombinator, Techstars, Seedstars, etc besides raising follow-up capital. We have also exited companies; last month, we exited one to a US-based unicorn. In other words, we understand what works.

We invite the world – companies, investment clubs, citizens, funds, etc – to the current investment cycle upon joining here.

Tekedia Capital offers a specialty investment vehicle (or investment syndicate) which makes it possible for citizens, groups and organizations to co-invest in innovative startups and young companies in Africa. Capital from these investing entities are pooled together and then invested in a specific company or companies. Our focus is on companies with primary operations in Africa even though they may be legally domiciled within or outside Africa.

Registration for Tekedia Mini-MBA edition 9 (Sep 12 – Dec 3 2022) is ongoingRegister here. Cost is N60,000 or $140 for the 12-week program. Beat early bird for free books and other bonuses. 

We invest in mainly technology-anchored companies and are sector-agnostic which means those companies could be operating in any industry, including finance, real estate, education, health, logistics, etc. The opportunity is open for individuals in Africa, Africans in diasporas, global citizens in any place in the world, investment groups and organizations around the world.


#1. Advance your career, run your business better with Tekedia Mini-MBA (Sep 12 – Dec 3, 2022): cost is N60,000 naira ($140). Click and register here.

#2. Click here and register for Tekedia Startup Masterclass and master business secrets from start-up to unicorn. Cost is N180,000 naira ($400).

#3. Click here to join Tekedia Capital Syndicate and own a piece of Africa’s finest startups with small investment.

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