Tekedia New Course: “Personal Economy Scenario Mapping (Nigeria, Global)”

Tekedia New Course: “Personal Economy Scenario Mapping (Nigeria, Global)”

One of the greatest surprises when I started work as a banker was this: the university system prepared me on how to manage resources for companies but did a very poor job on how I could manage my own personal resources. In FUTO, we studied great topics in Engineering Management like  Engineer Turns Manager, Managerial Accounting, etc. In all those domains, everything was on how to optimize resources for the employer (yes, the company).

Dissatisfied, I went to a legend in the bank: Emmanuel Akpobovbo, a fellow of the chartered accountant of Nigeria, and he provided a path which I remain thankful for. Simply, I wanted to understand how to manage Ndubuisi Ekekwe’s resources, not just the bank’s.

As local (Nigeria) and global economies are being redesigned as a result of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, US inflation, banditry in Nigeria, high interest rates for emerging economies to refinance debts, Naira deterioration, political risk,  you must pay attention to your Personal Economy.

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Our school wants to help because that is what every great school should do. Of course, we already have great courses on Personal Finance and Wealth Management, Retirement Planning, etc. This one is an addition with specific focus on the events of 2022.

Tekedia Institute is introducing a new course on how you can do scenario mapping to ensure you are prepared for whatever comes. Go here and register for the edition which begins on June 6 here.

Time for Scenario Mapping – Huge Nigeria, Global Dislocations Coming

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