Tekedia Institute wins Velocity Mhagic Grand Prize of $60,000

Tekedia Institute wins Velocity Mhagic Grand Prize of $60,000

 Tekedia Institute has won the Velocity Mhagic Grand Prize of $60,000. Mhagic Velocity, a talent competition, began with hundreds of people and groups. As we celebrate, Tekedia wants to congratulate other contestants who battled over 13 weeks for the remarkable program. And to our members and fans, thank you for taking us to the mountaintop. 

All proceeds from this recognition will go to offer full Tekedia Mini-MBA scholarships to 430 in-need students.

Meanwhile, registration for the June edition of Tekedia Mini-MBA continues. To register and join us, click here.

Tekedia Mini-MBA (Sep 11 – Dec 2, 2023) has started; registration continues here

Tekedia AI in Business Masterclass opens registrations here.

Join Tekedia Capital Syndicate and co-invest in Africa’s finest startups here. Next cycle begins Oct 2, 2023.

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3 thoughts on “Tekedia Institute wins Velocity Mhagic Grand Prize of $60,000

  1. Congratulations Prof and to all the Tekedia family. This is a great milestone achieved. Thank you Prof for gifting we Africans this opportunity to learn the mechanics of business and build category King companies here in Africa. You are indeed a blessing to us. Once again, Congratulations to Tekedia Institute for this achievement. You rock!!!

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