“Tekedia Mini-MBA has been most practical and enriching” – Dr. Okwukwe Davis, Saudi Arabia

“Tekedia Mini-MBA has been most practical and enriching” – Dr. Okwukwe Davis, Saudi Arabia

To teach in Tekedia Mini-MBA, you must be a business professional even if you are a professor with 30 years of experience. Yes, being a professor does not qualify you unless you are managing, running, or operating a firm, an organization or unit of a government. With that structure, our members enter into our classrooms to receive practical elements of business.

Of course, we still have theory in our written materials, creating a balance that brings symphonic innovation on learning, at scale. Our members like the design – and I share this testimonial from Saudi Arabia which just came to our email.

“Though coming from a medical background with more than 30 previous online courses, the Tekedia Mini-MBA has been most practical and enriching. There is nothing ‘mini’ about this program. It has transformed my mindset in the most entrepreneurial way. My appreciation to the whole team.” – Dr. Okwukwe Davis, Saudi Arabia

We have an early registration deadline today to unlock many benefits for the June 7- Sept1 2021 edition: I invite you to register today. Begin here .

You will surely like our Tekedia Live which happens thrice weekly to co-learn on business, management and leadership. We know you may be busy, everything is recorded and archived.


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