Home Latest Insights | News Nigeria’s eNaira Era – New Currency, Tech, Opportunities & Playbook [Tekedia Presentation]

Nigeria’s eNaira Era – New Currency, Tech, Opportunities & Playbook [Tekedia Presentation]

Nigeria’s eNaira Era – New Currency, Tech, Opportunities & Playbook [Tekedia Presentation]

In the 4th week of the current Tekedia Institute Mini-MBA, I will present a special case study on Nigeria’s e-Naira, the evolving new digital currency which the Central Bank of Nigeria is introducing. Besides the e-Naira, we will look at what is happening in India, EU and other domains.

We have the CBN document and are very excited to co-learn on this new currency. The Tang dynasty invented paper currency in 7th century China – and this new currency (extension of electronic currency!) can possibly change many things in decades.

Nigeria’s eNaira EraNew Currency, Technology, Opportunities & Playbook

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“The Central Bank in its implementation has ensured the e-Naira feeds our economy and provides greater value.

“The central bank digital currency offers all the benefits of cash but in digital form. Every single digital currency is an electronic version of the cash, the legal tender. When you make a cash payment, settlement is done instantly; digital currencies entail the same promises and even more.

“CBDC offers a safer option from the privately issued cryptocurrency which have been based on the possibility to enable cheaper transactions but have now been used for investment.

“The intention is not to eliminate other forms of payment but to complement the current areas of payment options, thereby ensuring the stability of the payment system in the long run. I expect in the coming days we will see rapid inclusion rates.

“For banks in developing nations, it will enhance their liquidity, efficiency in national remittances and challenge the high cost of remittances as the world rebounds in the post-pandemic. I am of the view that the era of CBDC promotes greater opportunities, and the central bank must be aware of the risks and mitigate them.”

Central Bank of Nigeria Deputy Governor, Operations, Mr Folashodun Shonubi


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