Tell me – what happens to Gokada, Opay, and Max in Lagos state?

Tell me – what happens to Gokada, Opay, and Max in Lagos state?

Jubril A. Gawat, special assistant to the governor of Lagos state on New Media, reports thus: “The Lagos State Government has banned the activities of Commercial Motorcycles (Okada) & Tricycles (Keke) in some LGAs in the State: Apapa, L/Mainland, Surulere, Eti Osa, L/Island, Ikeja effective from Feb 1, 2020”. If you check, these are the most important and profitable local government areas in Lagos state for the ride-hailing companies.

Tell me – what happens to Gokada, Opay, and Max? These companies have raised $millions to pursue their missions. The government has a reason to deal with largely untrained okada drivers who cause accidents on Lagos roads. But one would have expected it to isolate the professionally trained ones from these companies. The distinction is evident but this is Nigeria – you must swim together by all costs!

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3 thoughts on “Tell me – what happens to Gokada, Opay, and Max in Lagos state?

  1. Welcome back to the jungle, where those who cannot even establish and manage a small kiosk profitably, but can now hide under government ‘policies’ to destroy legal businesses. And the reason for the ban? Not sure they can coherently put one forward.

    In this land, between ignorance and absurdity, it’s hard to choose which one controls larger portion.

  2. My experience is that the Opay, Gokada and Max riders are worse and far more dangerous than the run of the mill riders. I would advise the Lagos State Govt to set up a framework of licensing these companies and directly sending their riders to a riding school properly set up in conjuction with FRSC to instill highway code adherence in the riders. Each rider will the be issued a riding badge after the training, all costs to be borne by the companies of course.


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