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Understand These Ten Points Before Executing Your Mobile App Strategy

First a mobile app is a special purpose application (yes, software) that runs on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. You need to think through these ten points before you execute or even develop a mobile app strategy in your firm. They have come through experience, research and insights from Fasmicro Apps designers as they build apps in Nigeria.


If you are looking for a partner in Nigeria and you are a corporate client, Fasmicro will help you develop any type of app in the following environments:

  • Android /Google
  • Blackberry /RIM
  • iOS (iPhone and iPad) /Apple
  • Java Mobile /clusters of makers
  • Symbian /Nokia


  •  Business requirements

You must ask what is the need of this tool , mobile app, to my business. That has to do with understanding what your business requirements are.

  •  Type of app

What will work for me in mobile app. Will a common reader be enough? That reader just read what I have on my website. Or do I need to build  a custom app that uses internet as a transport medium but not resident there.

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  • Software modularity

You need to have a system that can grow with time. It is a dynamic world. Nothing could be terrible than out growing your strategy within months.

  • Code efficiency

This is good. The way the apps are coded could affect the load time and many issues that have to do with connectivity. Do I have enough experience to execute this. Or do I get help outside. What is the best way to structure the software.

  • Graphic Interface Design

The graphics and interface define the product and tool. Can you do that? Or do you need help? The interface must look great for even to be considered by the customer.

  • Integration and Testing

After the design, can you thoroughly test the apps? What is your competence in this area?

  • Hosting platform

It does not end after the design. The most important factor is where it is hosted. If that environment is bad, no one will come and download it. You need a plan on how that hosting platform is worked out. Besides, everything has to be maintained. You cannot leave a database unattended. It will grow and break down.

  • Marketing and Market

It does not end in the engineering, you need someone with platform to help you succeed. Do they have a tablet that can help make your apps go further?

  • Maintenance and  Upgrades

The truth is by the time you finish the project, another upgrade is available. Are you structured to get that fix and stay up to date. Are you ready to nurture that platform so that users will know they get the latest security fix when they download your tool?

  • Implementation

Do you have the capacity to bring all the pieces together? Can you execute a plan. We mean, you have it on paper; can you make it a tool or product.


Ten Questions were developed by Fasmicro Apps Division, Owerri, Nigeria.

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