Textile – It Is Still a Technology With Huge Opportunities

Yes, you will be surprised that we are writing of textile. This is a technology media and not social media. So, we cover everything – from textile to electronics and all through pharmacy.


In 2006 there were 220.000 companies in Textile and clothing (T&C industry) regions of the EU-27 employing 2.5 million people and generated a turnover of €190 billion says European commission. T&C industry is a diverse and heterogeneous industry which covers an important number of activities from the transformation of fibres to yarns and fabrics to the production of a wide variety of products such as hi-tech synthetic yarns, wool, bed-linen, industrial filters, geo-textiles, clothing etc.


We Nigerians can also take our destiny in our hands by getting involved in clothing line that will serve this nation and other Africans. This is why I’m raising this topic so as to give room for ideas and question in the minds of meaning entrepreneurs.


Have you ever wanted to own your own clothing line?


Do you think there is untapped opportunity in this industry?


Is there any way to help young entrepreneurs in this industry?


How can we increase level of information in this untapped opportunity?

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