Zobo Drink Goes To Yankee – A Possible Blockbuster Drug!

Zobo is a drink made from Roselle (calyx of Hibiscus sabdariffa).  It is cultivated in the northern part of the country. Extracts of the flower is alkaline in nature and has been known to have cleansing properties. It helps to keep the body’s pH balanced, (without white sugar).The extract is used fresh for making wine, juice, tea, spice and the likes. The flower has pectin that can make a firm jelly.


It can also be used raw in salads. The red flower contains antioxidants including flavonoids. The flesh Hibiscus flower is also rich in riboflavin, Vitamin C, niacin, carotene, calcium, and iron which are all nutritionally necessary.


From Wikipedia: The plant is considered to have antihypertensive properties. Specifically Roselle, has been used in folk medicine as a diuretic, mild laxative, and treatment for cardiac and nerve diseases and cancer.


The heated leaves are applied to cracks in the feet and on boils and ulcers to speed maturation. The seeds are said to be diuretic and tonic in action.


Zobo drink is common on Nigerian street and I think we need people that can take it to the next level from street to standard beverage. For your information, a Nigerian has started promoting ‘Zobo’ drink in USA.
On yes, it is a business already in USA.

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