Thank You, Fellow Citizens

Thank You, Fellow Citizens

Tears of hope – I went into a restaurant today and everyone began singing the Nigeria National Anthem. People said – that is him there: the Platform speaker. And people went and paid for my meal. It was magical. Many have written; some have even sent gifts. [I am a big boy – no need for the gifts. Use same on people around you].

Let me write this: Thank you. But the biggest of this promise is to make the speech come to pass. Our feelings will not mask our underperformance as Nigerians – the only solution is to rise to that mountaintop, and engineer a hopeful nation of shared prosperity and abundance for all.

I want to thank all for the kind feedback. Our nation needs it as we support our leaders – business, religious and political. And together we will build a greater Nigeria.

May God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria.


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