Thank You India. Thank You China.

Thank You India. Thank You China.

Thank you #India. Thank you #China. Since May 1, Indian and Chinese participants have recorded 27% of our Tekedia Mini-MBA registrations. We have also noticed that more than 23% of corporate registrations are affiliated with #Indian and #Chinese companies in Africa. Largely, there is an interest in understanding Africa for commerce.

If you are an executive, at continental or country level, in any Africa-India or Africa-China chamber of commerce or association, or a trade envoy with understanding of India and China business systems in Africa, we would need your help. Largely, initially, we did not even see what we are noticing as an addressable market. But with the data we have, we plan to offer a session that clearly showcases the promises, opportunities and trajectories for intern-continental partnerships and developments in Africa, from the domain of entrepreneurial capitalism.

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