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That Telematic Car – Toyota and Microsoft, Could Work for Benin Aba – Owerri Road

Google is winning on search. Facebook has already opened another era in human history with some folks writing 2011 FB. That is 2011 in the era of Facebook. Yes, that is a fad. Facebook will go away like a vapor and another kid will make us forget it if we just live much more longer. And we will! Period!

The topic today is that Microsoft wants to be inside your car. Sure, it will not reboot the car. Just be inside it. No GPS, seems like telematics. This is evolving with Toyota and Microsoft forming an alliance.

The transcript is very long and people, but the summary is that they are pulling money together to win few things that remain to be won. Infotainment and connectivity  in cars.

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Toyota will give its Hybrid brand in the 2012 a makeover with all the energy management good stuffs.

The partnership takes the form of a ¥1 billion (~$12m) investment in Toyota’s “Media Service” R&D division. Services will roll out next year, but the full system is planned for a 2015 roll-out.

If they do it really well, we could be moving to minds controlling cars. You can just sleep in your car while you drive those pot holes in Aba – Owerri roads. If it is not telematics, it makes no sense because most stuffs have been done in cars, just linking people with their cars remain – at least with the knowledge we have now.

Of course, you will see these new cars in Abuja and your countrymen will order the first test vehicles when they are ready. That is why we are Naija. Bring it on – technology.

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