The Age of Elon Musk

The Age of Elon Musk

Elon Musk is now the richest person on the planet, with a $185 billion large purse. A recent stock surge in Tesla’s share price pushed Musk past Jeff Bezos, who held the mantle since 2017 and currently controls $184 billion. Musk’s wealth surge is unprecedented – and even the ancestral wealthy Musa of Mali would be jealous.

Elon drank the African waters before he moved to Yankees and that is a validation on something: it can come from any place. His rise is uncommon and shows the beauty of America. People, this is now an Elon Musk age – and this one could be very durable when you combine Tesla with moonshot-visioned SpaceX. I mean this guy could rule the empires of wealth for a very long time.

Many got it all wrong: ‘Long-term bear RBC Capital Markets upgraded its recommendation on Tesla Inc., admitting it had misjudged the electric-vehicle maker.. There is no graceful way to put this other than to say we got TSLA’s stock completely wrong,” analyst Joseph Spak wrote in a report lifting Tesla to sector perform. The broker had maintained a sell-equivalent underperform rating since January 2019, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. During that time, the shares have surged by about 1,200%.’

Mr. Musk is the generation’s best innovator – and it is hopeless betting against him.

Tesla has the best technology, best brand and remains well ahead of competitors on electric vehicles. Yes, the category-king has been anointed and Tesla will win the electric vehicle (EV) business. And provided it keeps that dominance, markets believe others will just break down. What GM and Ford are doing could be described as “marginal”, and daily, Tesla is extending the goal posts, making it harder for them to catch-up.

In the marketing construct of Needs, Expectations and Perceptions, Tesla is taking the world into Perception while other brands are meeting needs and expectations in the EV sector. When you are in the perception space, you set a new basis of competition, bringing new competitive ordinances that disrupt markets for your advantage.

Where are the Nigerian men with traditional titles “Eze Ego” [King of money], “Oba Ego” [the barn which holds money], “Osimiri Ego” [the ocean of money] etc? There is a launching program in the village, and Elon Musk is coming – let there be a match! Do not call in sick due to Covid-19; we are aware you have tested negative. We want to know who is the real king of money!


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3 thoughts on “The Age of Elon Musk

  1. In 2020, some us here predicted that Elon was the person that could overtake Jeff, but no one expected it to be so soon; so all bets were off!

    Musk is the finest innovator of this generation, now he’s set to rule the billionaires’ club, perhaps for unforeseeable future. And he keeps working, because for him – there’s something to keep you excited each day you wake up; he’s passionate about what he does.

    Apple sat at the pinnacle of ‘most admired company’ for long time, but it does appear like Tesla could sit on that seat; it’s looking very likely to be the case.

    Humans assign value, iron is more useful than gold, but the latter is more valuable. Ordinary things don’t move many people, extraordinary can get you significant attention, but you have to do what is transcendental – if you want the world to congregate around you; Musk is poised for the latter.

    Musk is not celebrated because of more dollars, but because he does what is profound and remains peerless, the small guys we have around can only count some cash, they neither inspire many people nor transform their societies; and that’s very instructive.

    At least I existed in same era as Musk and Bezzos, so I have no excuse not to influence my environment before I depart.


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