The Aggregation-Integration Construct

The Aggregation-Integration Construct

Here, I explained the Aggregation Construct using many case studies.  I am expanding it by adding the integration element in this video. Integration is a very important component of aggregation and without it, no one can achieve aggregation capabilities. Aggregation drives scalable advantage because of the relative low marginal cost it anchors.

I identify four types of elements in the aggregation construct system: demand, supply, platform and enabler. The platform is very catalytic to make these elements work seamlessly.

Looking at the construct, it is the unbounded and unconstrained internet that makes it possible, primarily because of immersive connectivity. By examining the relationships among demand, supply, platforms and enablers, I identify four categories of aggregators as shown in the table below.

This table is updated with examples from LinkedIn users

Looking at the integration part, I make a case that only the integration of customer relationship at scale within platforms can enable new basis of competition. And when new basis of competition is created, the outcome is typically disruptive at scale. The video is below.

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