The Amazing Nigeria’s Layer3Cloud – Indigenous, Data Sovereignty, Low-Latency

The Amazing Nigeria’s Layer3Cloud – Indigenous, Data Sovereignty, Low-Latency

Over the next few years, one of the most critical infrastructures that will play a critical role in the formation and growth of digital companies, from ecommerce to fintech, is cloud computing. Cloud helps ideas scale rapidly by enabling companies to optimally acquire computing resources they need at the capacity they require. By moving what used to be an exorbitant fixed cost investment into an affordable subscription model, companies can have access to hosting and computing services in a phased format, making it possible to start digital business with lower capital.

Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power, without direct active management by the user. The term is generally used to describe data centers available to many users over the Internet. (Wikipedia)

Layer3, a category-king indigenous ICT company, has unveiled Layer3Cloud. This cloud service is engineered for Nigeria and broad African business ecosystem. Layer3 was founded by my Federal University of Technology Owerri, Nigeria (FUTO) classmate, Oyaje Idoko (pictured above) – a leader in Africa’s ICT sector.

Layer3Cloud is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution that allows businesses and organizations of all types to remotely and virtually build, manage, store and instantly deploy servers and data in our secure data centers all without the financial outlay on hardware, maintenance or replacement, yet retaining the ability to access and administer all services as needed. Layer3Cloud runs out of ISO certified data centers in Abuja and Lagos ensuring maximum availability, security, and disaster recovery.

We are transforming the way businesses think about IT: A new, commodity-focused approach ensures maximum resource efficiency by ensuring outlay is aligned fully with IT usage.

Additionally, we can provide a full end-to-end managed private cloud service, acting as your very own IT team, 24x7x365, managing, monitoring and maintaining your systems around the clock to ensure your institution is always online.

The cloud service sector in Nigeria has been growing as companies begin to move their services and operations to the cloud. Besides the largely cost-competitiveness, cloud simplifies operations, with data consolidated more effectively. Cost, technology usability and customer service are major elements which continue to drive adoption; Layer3Cloud is positioning itself in the local technology and business domains with its offerings. Those services include:

Enterprises: Layer3Cloud provides a mature range of solutions designed specifically for the unique security, compliance, privacy, and governance requirements of large organizations.

Public Sector: The future of the Nigerian public sector demands a scalable cloud platform. The Layer3Cloud platform is purpose-built, running out of in-country certified data centers and it allows government agencies meet the data sovereignty policy requirements of the country.

Startups and Web Hosting Firms: Layer3Cloud understands that start-ups have constraints and have to be frugal with where and how to allocate their limited funds. The firm works with them from the spark of an idea, to the first customer and beyond. The solutions are designed to help startups build and grow startups.

Here are some key services offered by Layer3Cloud.

Layer3Cloud Services

The Benefits of Layer3Cloud

Layer3Cloud is building critical building blocks of computing elements, the primitives, in its data center businesses with specific focus on Nigeria and Africa. Through these elements, companies can have access to file taxes, handle procurement, HR administration, and more. The benefit is that companies can reduce outside constancy by relying on these primitives which are optimized and flavored for the specific local market.

Low Latency, Fast Data Throughput: Layer3Cloud datacenter is stationed in Nigeria. This gives it an edge over global competitors on latency. Benchmarked with global competitors, Layer3 speed is faster for companies in Nigeria.The service also has fast data throughput.

Local Support: Layer3Cloud has team members in major Nigerian cities to physically assist companies deploy on its cloud infrastructure. In other words, if you are starting up and needs help, the engineers will come in person to help you navigate the process.

Affordable: Layer3Cloud is priced in Naira which provides huge comparative advantages to companies earning revenues on Naira.

Secure, Reliable, in Compliance: Layer3Cloud provides top-notch security and reliability. It easily helps companies meet all the local compliance to regulations on data privacy and management in Nigeria. Your main server or disaster recovery recovery servers will find a good home in Layer3Cloud.

Key Features

The datacenter business in  Nigeria is advancing. Innovations in products and technology are leading the way.  Layer3Cloud as an indigenous company understands the competitive forces. It has to build great products before foreign competitors build them. Speaking with the team, they noted that they are differentiating to serve local clients in Nigeria and Africa in many ways. Here are some key features in Layer3Cloud.

  • Dynamic scalability at a moment’s notice
  • Localized service in Nigeria means extremely fast and ultra-low latency access to resources compared to foreign-based services
  • 99.9% availability
  • VMware Certified Cloud Service
  • Self-service and 24/7 support
  • Advanced networking and security add-ons: Firewall, VPN, IPSec, SSL
One of many awards Layer3 has received

All Together

The cloud service in Nigeria is expected to see massive growth as Nigerian technology ecosystems deepen. In a world that is unconstrained and unbounded, there is no reason not to embrace cloud especially where it is offered by an indigenous firm you can visit its offices, and the firm will give you time to understand your business needs.

Begin your free Demo by contacting Layer3Cloud today.


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