The BBNaija and Why Showmax is a Promise for Multichoice (DStv, GOtV)

The BBNaija and Why Showmax is a Promise for Multichoice (DStv, GOtV)

I am doing very poorly on Twitter. I have struggled on how to write in stanzas with short codes over having space to develop my thought processes. So, that thing is not working. Yet, when I mentioned that BBNaija winner would get a free pass on Tekedia Mini-MBA, the Twitter nation took up that tweet and made it the most popular I had ever written there. Then, I started looking at what was happening. Ladies and gentlemen, BBNaija is a potent brand in Nigeria.

With BBNaija, Showmax has a future online and that means MultiChoice has a potential moat to hold on to some customers from Netflix. BBNaija is the most popular show in Africa right now and if you have it on your online streaming platform, you have something of value. If they clean it up a little (yet to watch BBNaija though; many have noted that it could be crazy for families), they could win more markets, beyond Africa to the Caribbean and North America.

Source: Techcabal

So, if European football holds the world of DStv and BBNaija keeps the online video streaming going for Showmax, MultiChoice may not be as imperiled by Netflix as most are predicting. Bundle the two – DStv’s Football and Showmax’s BBNaija – and you have a new basis of competition in the market.

Like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette which ABC runs in the US, Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) may soon get  Big Sister Naija (SisNaija). And say in three years, open BBNaija and SisNaija supermarkets in selected major Nigerian cities, under a partnership to milk the brand equity. The possibilities are huge.

Source: Techcabal


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One thought on “The BBNaija and Why Showmax is a Promise for Multichoice (DStv, GOtV)

  1. Twitter isn’t suitable for some of us who prefer to write in synchronous and evolvable style, because by the time you are done with the opening statement, it’s already showing red everywhere.

    As for BBN, it’s a big brand, no doubt. When we enquired about the set up and budget for key parts of the show, you realise that dumb people can’t put together what you see there. People who talk anyhow have no clue on what it takes put together a project of that magnitude, because to them it’s about boys and girls playing around; but try thinking about the planning and organisation, you will be humbled.

    Entertainment holds big value here, because it gives almost everyone a chance to say something; do not take that for granted.

    My headache isn’t about ShowMax or Netflix, because there will be surprises in the near future; the last time I checked, none of them has monopoly of great ideas or innovation, we see how it goes.


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