The Benefits of a Well Written LinkedIn Profile

The Benefits of a Well Written LinkedIn Profile

Do you know that your LinkedIn profile can also serve as your resume/cv?
I bet you don’t know this amazing thing about LinkedIn.

A well written LinkedIn profile covers everything about your professional lifestyle. These days, I don’t bother to edit my CV/resume anymore, I just click the download button on the left-hand side of the screen and submit to any role I’m applying for.

Does it work for me?
Yes, it does work for me many times.
Will it work for you?
Definitely, it will work for you, because a well written LinkedIn profile covers your career experience and summary, your professional skills and accomplishments, and of course, your contact information.
It is also eye-catching. It gives a recruiter a glimpse of what to expect from you in less than 30 seconds.

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Despite these amazing features about LinkedIn, only a few numbers of people are actually tapping from the abundance it has to offer its users. If you fall into the category of people who don’t know how to fully utilize the strength of the platform, don’t worry. I have some good tips to share with you.

Brad Blanchard PHR, shared some powerful tips on how to benefit from a well written LinkedIn profile.

How do you benefit from a well written LinkedIn profile:

Dress your LinkedIn for the job you want, not the one you have. If you are looking for a job in banking, ensure your profile summary states that you are interested in working in a bank. This makes it easier for recruiters contacting you. Insert some keywords that help recruiters or hiring managers to find you when they search for them.

If you’re job hunting, optimize your profile to show your expertise. Showing your skills and expertise is the best way to win recruiters’ hearts. Recruiters can easily spot your skills and also see the number of professionals that endorse your skills. This presents you as the best candidate for the vacant role.

If you’re a salesperson, don’t call yourself a salesperson, position yourself as someone your prospect would ask for help. People want people who can solve problems. The only reason why people would want to spend their limited time or hard-earned money on you is when they are sure it does worth it. That is, they are getting value in return.

If you’re a founder looking to scale your business, show the world your vision but stay approachable and human. People can easily buy into your future when they have a clearer picture of what it looks like. However, being approachable is what works most of the time. If people can’t find it easier to come to you, then it would definitely be tough to deal with you. It takes being human to be approachable and humble. You could have the best LinkedIn profile in the world, if your attitude is zero, don’t expect anything good from it.

What do you want your LinkedIn to say about you?
The time to benefit from the amazing platform is now.

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