The Bitcoin’s Mindless Optimistic Exuberance in Nigeria

The Bitcoin’s Mindless Optimistic Exuberance in Nigeria

The liberator now needs liberation. Now, national parliaments should pass laws that would say “Bitcoin cannot go down but up”. Lol. Good people, let us show common sense: there is no way in this world where anyone can create his currency and yet everything would still work normal. Optimistic exuberance on your computer screen must not take away the reality that getting hard Naira is tough. MMM, Bitcoin… shine your eyes. Yet, blockchain remains an opportunity.

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The stock market is so volatile, even a smile or frown could add or wipe off couple of billions of dollars from your market value.

But the real issue with Bitcoin and its cousins is that the world is owned, and highly rigged as well. So it does not really make sense to believe that you can sit in front of your computer screen and live in your own world; those who control levers of power won’t allow you to enjoy such, of course anyone can grab power, but as for authority? Very few.

Just a year ago it looked like the next big thing, and now this…

It is not the despair that kills, but rather the hope.
Time to make peace with those who run the world, before extinction becomes imminent.


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