The Bloggers Strategy – Microsoft Hosts Interactive Social Media in Lagos

Technology has transformed the way we communicate. You must not rely on the newspaper guys and radios these days to push the message on your products and services out. A new medium has already evolved. That is the social media and we are all enjoying it. It is disruptive because it is the most democratic medium. It requires nothing but talents and the person is ready to roll.


So Microsoft knows that. Recently, it hosted a Brunch where the leading bloggers in the nation came together and chatted with their team. It is all about getting their message out and in the way they want it. Microsoft does this every quarter and it is now a top strategy in their business communication. By bringing the people together, they explained their products, tools, concepts and experiences and then asked them to share them.


As competition heats up in the marketplace, any advertising avenue is necessary.  For Microsoft, getting their contents out is important with Google well rooted in Nigeria now. And they want that to form the narratives in the blogger’s columns. Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and Youtube are all business tools. Ignore them and your business is sunk. It has to be because when a blogger specializes, he or she can have more influence than a newspaper that covers everything.


In this Brunch, Microsoft presented Windows 7 and the new browser IE ver. 9.  There is no need to waste your time here reviewing Windows 7. It is a great product and Microsoft nailed it perfectly. For IE 9, it does not matter because we use Firefox here.


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