The Bull Welcomes The Goddess of Productivity As Dow Hits 30,000

The Bull Welcomes The Goddess of Productivity As Dow Hits 30,000

The Dow,  a stock market index that measures the stock performance of 30 large companies listed on stock exchanges in the United States, was inaugurated in 1885. It took 72 years to hit 1,000 points in 1972. But from 20,000 to 30,000 points, it was under 4 years. 

Simply, there is a massive acceleration on wealth creation at an unprecedented level in this age where Amazon, Apple, Google’s Alphabet and Microsoft have touched the face of T-alpha. Yes, $1 trillion market cap and more in multiples. 

The T-alpha is unified by one thing: technology, the goddess of productivity. Sure, there is a concern that the wealth may not be distributed fairly and equally, but that does not mean the goddess did not create or accelerate wealth creation.

Note this: the future is one of abundance. It is largely irrelevant how pessimistic you are. Simply, Dow will get to 40,000 and keep rising because the new ideas of today will seed the growths of the future, and provided that new ideas are being created, abundance will rule the future

The bulls are in the street: do not run.


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One thought on “The Bull Welcomes The Goddess of Productivity As Dow Hits 30,000

  1. Some are picking apples, some are picking stones; you choose what you wish to pick. Don’t complain, and never explain.

    Inequality of wealth is an illusion, give everyone a million dollars today, come back in six months time, some will worth hundred million dollars, some a thousand dollars, while some will be drowning in debts.

    Repeat the experiment ten times, and you will still get the same result. There is a reason for that, yet non discerning minds can’t still get the memo.


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