The Call to Execution (Tekedia Mini-MBA 1st Edition Recap)

The Call to Execution (Tekedia Mini-MBA 1st Edition Recap)

This is a recap video for Tekedia Mini-MBA 1st edition. Thank you all for joining us.



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8 thoughts on “The Call to Execution (Tekedia Mini-MBA 1st Edition Recap)

  1. Thank you Prof. for sharing with us your knowledge. This program has actually broaden my capabilities. Remain blessed Sir

  2. After having attended this Mini-MBA and based on my experience as a business coach, I discovered that the majority of companies, do not do entrepreneurship to solve a problem, but to solve their problem, to have money to satisfy their vital needs, which in itself is not a bad. Because it solves a social problem. But they have to go beyond that, because when you focus on the problems to be solved, then dynamics change.

  3. Thank you Prof , the entire Tekedia team and the entire class for an awesome outing. Stay safe and active. Nkechi.

  4. Please can I get a link for the archived files? I lost mine due to a system crash. Are there links for the videos too? I believe there will be need to make references to the lectures in the future. Please help

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