The “Call to Execution (Summary)” Rescheduled Next Week for Edition 2

The “Call to Execution (Summary)” Rescheduled Next Week for Edition 2

To our Nigerian members, I want to let you know that our Tekedia Community has been sending words of strength and encouragement from around the world. From Canada to Singapore to Benin Republic, the message is clear: peace and blessing.

Our immediate concern was how to pause a global product. But it seems our non-Nigerian members understand. I still apologize to all members who are not in Nigeria; a global product ideally should move on. But the challenge was that most of our staff team members are in Nigeria and with the situation there, we think it is best we give them time to “heal” psychologically. 

For Tekedia Mini-MBA Edition 2, “The Call to Execution (Summary)” is a big part of our program because it closes an edition. We will update in the Notes in the Board when that would hold next week. Our Board remains fully open but Live and Labs are paused.

Everyone should stay safe and please safety first.

Tekedia Team


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