The Choice To Be Somebody That Matters

The Choice To Be Somebody That Matters

There can be just one president for a nation at a particular time, there can be just one vice president, so also one governor for a state, and just one leader for a role for a period of time. So where do we fit in? Those of us who also want to be presidents, those of us who want to be governors, those of us who want to be leaders, and those of us who want to own companies.

Is there any space left for us to occupy? Can we build the next Facebook and send Zuckerberg home? We all want to matter; we all want people to notice us, to give us respect and honour the big guys have. But how are trying to get it? Now, I would say this as mild as possible. You cannot overthrow the president while he’s on seat by attacking him, you cannot throw away the governor on seat by facing him head on.

You cannot send Zuckerberg home by building the next social media. I’m so sorry but you’d fail before you start and I’ll tell you why and what you need to do. The reason is simply because it’s totally impossible to come into a tribe and seat on the throne by throwing away the leader while the tribesmen watch you. Matter of fact, they would rebel against you. The leader has won their trust over time and trust is all you need to rule. You need their loyalty else they sneak up at night to kill you or escape from the town.

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These big businesses you want or wish to overthrow have millions and billions of loyal tribesmen (customers). I call it tribesmen because they have for years successfully gained the attention, trust and loyalty of those customers making them part of the brand, community, state and even area. You would need more money, more magic to win in this case. So does this mean you cannot still be a president or governor or leader? You can! Absolutely!

Here’s what you need to do: You need to seek a small group of people that you matter to. It’s a choice. You choose to become the president of the blind and make them recover their sight, soon enough every blind person who has recovered their sight becomes loyal to you. Then they convince another blind person till the whole country is filled with people who have recovered their sight who see you as the leader. These people are your new tribesmen and it’s easier for them to whisper to even those who were never blind to tell them about your generosity and just like that, your idea spreads.

You cannot build the next Facebook that just connects people and advertises, you have to create a social media for grannies to connect and have memories of the times they’ve spent together. Then the grannies convince their children and their grandchildren and your idea spreads. What I’m implying is that you have to seek a set of people who you would matter to, who would be loyal to you, then you rule over them in generosity and transparency and they spread your idea.

This is a choice you have to make. Don’t go fighting the air. Most times you may not need to be the president of a nation, you just have to be the president of the writers, athletes, and the artistes. Who are the people you matter to? What do you matter to them on? Do they recognize it? Is it something they need? Don’t try to go and rule in a kingdom that doesn’t need you; you’d be fruitless. Seek those you matter to, and nurture them.

Lead your tribe well. That’s how you matter!

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