The Cola Battle In Nigeria – Pop Cola vs Coca Cola On Trademarks

The Cola Battle In Nigeria – Pop Cola vs Coca Cola On Trademarks

Coca Cola goes after Pop Cola, filing that the beverage upstart is infringing on its intellectual properties: “the defendant (Mamuda Beverages Nigeria limited) is distributing and advertising it’s Pop cola products in get up that consists exclusively of a combination of all of the elements that comprise the applicant’s famous Coca-Cola trade dress”,  reports Kano Focus.

.“The defendant’s use of the trade marks ‘Ribbon device’ and ‘Pop-cola’ in special script amounts to an infringement of applicant’s right of exclusivity of use of the marks ‘Coca-Cola’ script and ‘dynamic ribbon device’ and is liable to create confusion to the general public, foreign and international, as to the likelihood of an association between the applicant and the defendant.”

It therefore seeks an order of interim injunction “restraining the dependant, it’s employees or agents from using, affixing or displaying on any beverage product, vehicle, stationery, advertisement, putting to commercial use in any manner or form for the purpose of commercial benefit or otherwise, the ‘ribbon device’ and the special script in which the ‘pop-cola’ has been depicted on its advertising materials that is similar to ‘coca-cola (script)’ and ‘dynamic ribbon device’ trade mark pending the determination and hearing of motion on notice.

People, I am not sure this helps Pop Cola. Bigi Cola remains a standard on how upstarts can find their domains in contested markets with big incumbents. You win through innovation!

Pop Cola could possibly survive any litigation in Nigeria. But I am not sure if it has any plans to expand beyond Nigeria. If not, more lawyers may be needed.


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4 thoughts on “The Cola Battle In Nigeria – Pop Cola vs Coca Cola On Trademarks

    1. Mamuda aware and understood copyright law but their objective is to enter with Coca-Cola brands and if Coca-Cola institutes litigation against them they will change all their claims, however, before changing the brand content they have already populated the market with products.
      Their intention before they enter the market was to stop Biggi in Northern state, not Coca-Cola
      As Coca-Cola take them to court they are very happy that Coca-Cola recognized them as a threat.

  1. Pop cola is imitating coca cola design which shows how low mamuda group is. There drink tastes so bad and I don’t recommend it to anyone. Very bad group, very bad people .


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