The Covid-19 Vaccine Irony in Nigeria

The Covid-19 Vaccine Irony in Nigeria

Remember him? He was the former minister in Nigeria who called Covid-19 vaccine “evil”. He boldly noted that Bill Gates was planning to use Nigerians as “Guinea pigs” through the vaccines. He had written: “WHO are set to begin Covid19 vaccine trials in our country. EVIL! Not only have our people been turned into Guinea pigs to test Gates’ killer vaccine but our leaders are also passing a law which will make the use of that evil vaccine compulsory. What a mess! I weep for Nigeria.”

But what an irony? Nigeria has about 210 million people but someone he is among the 600k lucky Nigerians to have gotten the “evil” vaccine after his assault on science and technology. Hope he would be decent enough to send Buhari a Thank You card for not listening to his nonsense.

Fellow citizens, do not allow any politician to deceive you. I saw a Republican state senator who opposed the jab here in line to help his mother get one. Why he criticizes it on TV, and yet works to help his mother to get one is all POLITICS! Unfortunately, many get trapped.

Femi Fani-Kayode is a fellow citizen. He has served his nation. But next time, he needs to show class  on what he tweets because some may go astray reading him! We can disagree in Nigeria but certain things should be off politics!


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