The Cowrywise Lesson On What To Build

The Cowrywise Lesson On What To Build

Awareness and observation are antennas into the minds of customers, sharper than any formal education when it comes to starting and building companies. Some entrepreneurs have used both to make out of chewing stick an organic toothbrush. Yes, Walmart sells your grandpa and grandma chewing sticks as premium organic toothbrushes!

To be a successful businessperson, you do not need to be as mathematical as Chike Obi or grammatical as Wole Soyinka. All you need is awareness and observation on market frictions, and finding solutions to them. If you do them, glory awaits.

That takes me to the story of Razaq Ahmed, the CEO of CowryWise on how his company began. He had the awareness, and took action, after the clear observation. Today, we have CowryWise, a digital saving and investment fintech.

“The idea of Cowrywise came in when we had a lot of people come asking ‘how do I invest 1000 naira and small amounts like 50,000 naira. After much deliberations, we decided that the best way to scale was to open it up to the public and that was what gave birth to Cowrywise.”

Razaq Ahmed,CEO of CowryWise

People, it takes observation, awareness and taking action to make things happen.


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