Can Interswitch Go for MoneyGram To Boost Verve?

Can Interswitch Go for MoneyGram To Boost Verve?

MoneyGram has been severely wounded by Transferwise and WorldRemit as the architecture of the remittance sector continues to evolve. Things are so bad that Ripple is injecting $50 million for a 15% stake.  That money will help MoneyGram modernize by running digital token XRP.

Yet, I do not see how that would help in the long-run. If not for antitrust issues, Western Union can just buy MoneyGram since the U.S. government blocked Alibaba’s Ant Group from buying it. The Chinese wanted to pay $1.2 billion but it was blocked; today, MoneyGram is worth about $364 million.

WorldRemit is worth about $1.5 billion while Transferwise goes for $5.5 billion as Nigeria’s Interswitch remains rumored at $1 billion. Now, from all indications, this game is changing and I do think MoneyGram will not be here for long. The question is this: does Interswitch have a playbook to use MoneyGram to make Verve a popular brand like Amex, Visa and Mastercard around the world?

How would it sound that Interswitch has bought MoneyGram, and integrates its remittance services into Verve? Yes, MoneyGram becomes a distribution channel for Verve.

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One thought on “Can Interswitch Go for MoneyGram To Boost Verve?

  1. Interswitch, over to you!

    The problem is that we usually set our ambitions and expectations so low, and we keep applauding ourselves for doing small things.

    Dangote was rumoured to entertain purchasing of Arsenal FC, he never managed to send in a bid, let it be that it was rejected, and we keep talking…

    Now Interswitch has a chance to put a bid forward on MoneyGram, as long as it has thought it through, and knows how leverage on it.

    Humans do these things elsewhere, we only read and analyse. I want to see our brands shaking tables in these things, you may not necessarily win, but making significant attempts is enough to raise your global standing.

    Sometimes you have to punch above your weight, it earns you respect and recognition over time.


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