The Dangote Book Debate – Keep It Going

The Dangote Book Debate – Keep It Going

Good people, I am liking this debate on Dangote. What again can I ask for? It means my subject generates interests and that is what authors want. Keep debating. Last week I was accused of throwing Dangote under the bus and this week it is that I am celebrating him. No issues. You have all the rights to challenge my thesis. And you have the rights to challenge others also.

But do not make it a personal matter by insulting people. If you do that, you will scare people in this community; I do not want that to happen. Just make your point with respect and decency, and even if you do not agree, focus on the points and not the person. Let us extend this debate till June 22 when the book launches. Thank you.

Of course, you need to buy the book first.

This book arrives June 22, 2020, the day we will begin a new class of Tekedia Mini-MBA. Our participants will have access to its audio and text contents as complementary. The Dangote System is a mega case study for our second edition of Tekedia Mini-MBA (register here).

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Comment: Prof made it clear months ago that he is not writing a biography, but diving into the strategies of Africa’s most powerful business man. That’s what I’m interested in, not some claims (unsubstantiated?) about his monopolistic tendencies. Dangote has clearly lost in some areas, and won in many others. Let’s learn about that.

My Response: Thank you. I do not defend Dangote. I report what I see about his business. But it would not be based on gossips and rumors. Like all conglomerates – from GE to Amazon to Carlos’s empire in Mexico, citizens pay taxes to conglomerates. Nigerians have to pay tax (good forex, etc) to Dangote Group because that is how conglomerates operate. I called that the Conglomerate Tax. Amazon puts cities to compete on who can give it the highest tax breaks! America has hundreds of them (Boeing gets $100m from WA state yearly as free money). Dangote’s problem is that he is alone . I hope to share what the strategy is, hoping that a 20-year old girl or boy will dream so that we can have many Dangotes.





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