Home Community Insights The Davido Scandal; The Job of lawyer to a celebrity client: The Olivia Pope Factor

The Davido Scandal; The Job of lawyer to a celebrity client: The Olivia Pope Factor

The Davido Scandal; The Job of lawyer to a celebrity client: The Olivia Pope Factor

Sometimes I really do wonder what Davido’s legal team are doing to allow some of these silly scandals to pop up in the first place because as a lawyer you are literally an “Olivia Pope” to your clients.

The internet is currently buzzing with Davido’s American girlfriend Anita Brown’s scandalous revelation that she is pregnant for him. Though Davido has yet to make any statement concerning Brown’s allegation, by the time Brown delivers the baby, she would be the latest addition to the Assurance crooner’s fast growing list of baby mamas.

The job of a lawyer especially when you represent famous clients; politicians, entertainers, sportsmen, religious leaders, social media influencers/celebrities etc is majorly crisis prevention on their behalf because it is obvious they are always getting poked into scandals knowingly and unknowingly. Some scandals could be true but some are allegations from blackmailers and extortionists. A good lawyer ought to preempt that and block the loopholes.

Your job as a lawyer to people like these is not just to sign contracts for them and on behalf of them, it is primarily to prevent crises and scandals and when the prevention fails, properly manage it by launching an immediate damage control before it blows out of proportion.

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I have had a series of similar situations like these and we successfully navigated around it and nobody heard of it. For instance, there is this popular Nigerian politician that happened to be my client, this same thing happening to Davido happened to him earlier this year; sexual blackmail, sextortion, extortion etc and the lady was threatening to go public, in fact she did go public, she created a burner Instagram page and was posting dirty secrets of this client and she had shared some to bloggers. Fortunately/ unfortunately the politician client is married and his wife is highly placed too. That incident wouldn’t have only ruined his political career but it would have crashed his marriage. We took care of it through some brutal but legal steps. It was properly managed and till today it is a high-class secret that will follow me to my grave.

I have had an encounter where I literally had to impose on and firmly insist on a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before a deal could take place between a famous client and some other persons. I have also imposed and insisted on prenuptial agreements with some famous clients before they got married. I know It is harsh and brutal but it needs to be done because I have a job to represent and guard the interest of my client jealously but judiciously, a job which I must diligently execute.

These things happening to Davido are quite pathetic and shouldn’t be happening, some talents don’t recover from scandals like these. It starts from losing endorsements deals to losing fan support and fan base to getting no-shows/ performance gigs and down the hill it goes.

Maybe Davido needs to reshuffle his team; his management team, the public relation team and especially his legal team. Entertainers are known to always be tight-knit with scandals but what matters is how it is properly managed by the entertainers’ teams to avoid it destructing and sabotaging the image of the entertainer.

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