The Dews Will Come – Do Not Give Up

The Dews Will Come – Do Not Give Up

No matter what the challenges may be, do NOT give up on tomorrow. Your future has a promise; you just have to live into it. The fact is this: Change happens and the dews come!

Those days in FUTO, we skipped meals. And we ate in the bukka because the school canteens were very expensive.

Then, after graduating on a Friday with B.Eng in electrical & electronics engineering, I began work on a Monday. They provided a car with a driver, a great salary, a house, and magically the food problem disappeared. By the time I got to Diamond Bank, I had enough money to buy food for street boys near Allen Avenue in Ikeja where I lived then. It was a ritual: every Friday the “chairman” would pay for the mama put, for the boys to eat.

That transformation, from skipping meals to buying meals for people, remains evergreen.

The message is this: any situation will change. To those looking for work, looking for business opportunities, BELIEVE in the promise of tomorrow. Do not give up; your moment will come.


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