The Empires Of The Future Have One Gene Code: Technology

The Empires Of The Future Have One Gene Code: Technology

As the world welcomes another American company crossing the $2 trillion mark on market capitalization, one thing is very evident: technology will power the empires of the future. Yes, it took Microsoft more than three decades to hit the $1 trillion mark, but about two years to hit the $2 trillion number, demonstrating the pace of value capture and the absolute redesign of global economic structures. Amazon is expected to join Apple and Microsoft over the next coming months; Google (yes Alphabet) is not far behind.

What a record for Microsoft: it took it 33 years to hit $1 trillion. In just two years, it hit $2 trillion: “While it took Microsoft 33 years from its IPO to achieve $1 trillion in market capitalization in 2019, the next trillion only took two years, thanks to a rise in interest in tech companies prior to the Covid-19 epidemic and throughout the health crisis.”

This is a new era and the new empires are united by one gene code: technology. As the changes happen, these four things are now very noticeable in this post-Covid-19 world.

  • Hybridized Supply Chain: Flexible, adaptive, global and local, at the same time.
  • Remote Everything: The web will run the world across sectors.
  • Digitization and Cloud Migration: The pace will accelerate.
  • Semi-automation: Disintermediation of humans will accelerate.

Many firms are winning around those constructs especially in cloud computing and digitization. Most possess these four characteristics.

  • Perceptively innovative: you are always innovating. You never rest, always pushing for better products, services and experiences. You outperform competitors with new solutions for unmet needs.
  • Evidently inspired: you inspire your users. You are modern, trustworthy and inspirational, you have a larger purpose, helping people live out their own values and beliefs.
  • Ruthlessly pragmatic: your customers depend on you and you have their backs, making life easier by delivering consistent experiences. You make good on your promises.
  • Customer obsessed: customers cannot imagine living without you. You know what matters to customers, finding new ways to meet their most important. needs.

Build on these tenets and win.




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2 thoughts on “The Empires Of The Future Have One Gene Code: Technology

  1. The world didn’t become poorer and neither did supply of money reduce, what we simply have is movement of value, with disproportionate concentration around some tech behemoths.

    Part of tasks facing new innovative start-ups will be that of rebalancing this intimidating wealth cornered by the big guys, and the same gene they all have in common will be used to upend the equilibrium.

    Game on…

    1. True- but I am not scared on the future of wealth, because if for any thing, the late comers would still have their slot, extremes poverty would be wiped out, and the big players cannot provide everything.


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