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The Footballer and the Lessons on Success in Careers [video]

The Footballer and the Lessons on Success in Careers [video]

Note the #4 player. He missed a tackle (which is unfortunate) but he did not allow that to be the end of the story, as he ran all the way, outperforming all his teammates to tackle the ball carrier at the other end of the field, to prevent a touchdown (a goal in American football). The most successful people among us are NOT the most talented, but those with tenacity, perseverance and a winning attitude.  The footballer demonstrated those as you watch the video.

That guy in your class does not study but he makes B+. If you try that, you make C. But because you study and study, you make A+. And if you use that process and attitude, you can outperform your intrinsic capabilities over time. And with that success will come.

Remember, the reason most companies would like to hire A+ students for jobs is not that A+ students are always smarter; rather, companies reason (statistically) that by the students making A+, they have demonstrated attributes which if they sustain at work, they will thrive. And those attributes include time management, not settling for A-, etc when a little more hard work can deliver A+.

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 In school, I was a certified bookworm because it never hurt to be over prepared! Yes, the process to a grade is more important than the grade itself! I would be better if I make C after putting in the best efforts than making B without the right attitude. Why? While a grade is not universal, processes to success are largely universal.

The A+ Student And The Process of Success

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Comment 1: Prof is simply alluding to the fact that making A+ grades while in school demonstrates attributes such as discipline, diligence, and hard work, hence the reason those A+ individuals get the nod or an edge over their peers with lesser grades.


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1 THOUGHT ON The Footballer and the Lessons on Success in Careers [video]

  1. If you argue that those who make good grades may not be best performers at workplace, what shows that those with poor grades will deliver great results? At least, if you hire those with good grades and they underperform, you are not entirely guilty, because your assumption was based on something verifiable. How do you defend hiring those with poor grades who go on to perform poorly in their jobs? You will leave the organisation alongside them, for being naive.

    The processes are key, but when you cannot figure out the processes through which each candidate arrived at their respective outcomes, it’s still safer to hire based on their final grades, except you are running a charity.

    It is not physics, but it’s indefensible to hire the guy with poor grade with no evidence that he had a great process, as against the guy whose process delivered something you can point to: A+.

    Those with poor grades may need to invent how best to assess them, else the people hiring will always stick to what they know, and no amount of crying will change that.

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