The Government Should Pay Pensioners At Due Time

The Government Should Pay Pensioners At Due Time

They say rest is sweet after labour. But it’s not the case with pensioners. Their struggle continues after retiring. What do we say about the government who owes retirees?

It’s a bit strange provided these people made a living from the peanuts they were paid. Many never enjoyed the fruit of their labour because they had to invest all their meager salaries on their child/children’s education.

Meaning, their best lives were lived serving the government in other to cater for their children. Of course, training their children also means they are building the nation. But why do they have to suffer to be paid their pension? It happens a lot in the country. It hits me from the bone to the marrow.

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Come to think of it, these parents have a few years to live after retirement, so when will they be given their entitlement or gratuity. I know of many retirees who died while waiting for the pension or gratuity. Some who are still alive never got paid a dime. The process to go about it is so unbearable and frustrating.

I know many would say, didn’t they train their children? Perhaps, they should be taking care of them at old age.

Yes, they did train their children. But we all know the situation in the country, getting a job is an uphill battle. It takes a miracle to get one faster. Besides, it’s their sweat. They are entitled to it.

If past governments were given their entitlements and rights at the appropriate time, I wonder why the citizens should die before they receive theirs.

Hence, my plea to all the state governments in the 36 states of Nigeria, pay the retirees. Give them the reward for their labour.

All fingers are not equal. Some of these people rely solely on the little monthly pension. Not all got a big paycheck during service, so they could not build an empire from it or start a side business that could sustain them.

Why starve them?

Why put them into avoidable depression?

I hope this article will get across to the governments.

God bless Nigeria!

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