The Growth Makers In Campuses; The Rainmakers of Markets

The Growth Makers In Campuses; The Rainmakers of Markets

This is not a typical Sunday post. But I am writing it to share a lesson. One young man pitched my team, writing proposals, but they rejected his ideas. I was told that he went to the Hub and did the same thing. He wanted to reach university campuses for Tekedia CollegeBoost, a Tekedia Mini-MBA version for students. Then, he inmailed me. I liked his bravado and boldness as the proposal came with data!

I woke up this morning to read from him, “Please I need the account details to remit money into. We have 45 registered & paid participants ready for class though I’ll wait till evening for the number to complete 50.”

Yes, since we appointed him to become our national Tekedia CollegeBoost recruitment coordinator, he has closed on paid 45 students. I made that announcement on April 22nd.

To all Nigerian universities/polytechnics/colleges of education and student unions for Tekedia CollegeBoost, we have moved the recruitment engagement for that program to students. Eyitayo Adeleke is going to nationally coordinate that with his team at Federal University of Technology, Minna. So, if you have any questions, reach out to Eyitayo. Tekedia Institute will continue to handle all academic programs including the delivery, support, etc. But the recruitment goes to the students and their networks. The goal is to improve the cost model and ensure that most students can attain our program before graduation.

Lesson here: sometimes, we miss huge opportunities because they come in disguised packages. Eyitayo Adeleke has shown that he is a rainmaker, despite the fact that he is a student. Why pay attention to him?

My team frustrated him, but thank goodness that we connected. We can get 1,000 members from him by Dec – and that happens because I engaged him. He built something which is more efficient than how we approach our sales.

How do you relate with people? How do you make yourself accessible? The angels you are praying to visit on Sundays typically come as humans. Open for them and you would be surprised.


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