The Investors Have Made 109% Profit Within 8Hours – Will Linkedin Sustain This?


Yesterday, Linkedin got linked into the league of public companies. It was an unbelievable experience for them as the stock that started at about $45 valuation ended up closing at $94.25. Yes, that is American dollar and not Zimbabwean one. Which ended up yielding better investment than silver eagles, gold or commodities trading. So, those that had this stock on Wednesday night and going into trade on Thursday at $45 just made 109% profit.


Can you see why America is such a great place. In short, at a time, it was $122.70.


Contrast that with Nigerian technology companies like Omatek and Charm. Those ones are pretty junk stocks with no innovation to drive revenue and get investors excited. Charm is trading at N0.50? Too bad!

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