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The Irony of Nigeria’s Reverse Remote Japa

The Irony of Nigeria’s Reverse Remote Japa

It is a big irony: everyone wants to leave Nigeria. But quickly you leave Nigeria, you would realize that everything you are looking for is ACTUALLY in Nigeria. Check all Nigerians in America, more than 99% are looking for opportunities in Nigeria! Yes, everyone is trying to invest, build or do something because the conclusion is clear: America will pay the bills but Nigeria could make you rich.

For me, I have been working to keep my Nigerian accent intact, as it offers me competitive advantages to connect in the Nigerian market. Lol. Why miss the market?  We all want to wake up with Nigeria on our minds because everything there is opportunity.

So, as you japa, do not lose your bearing and contacts. Many things are amazing in Nigeria on how we structure our companies and promotions. There, everyone at the same level earns the same thing. But in the US, you can earn more than your supervisor. Yes, democracy does not reach compensation! It is legendary.

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Do you doubt it? Check your friends in US big banks, bigtech, big universities, etc, everyone is looking for what idea to monetize in Nigeria.  

The greatest among us are actually those who are still holding the nation in Nigeria, and broad Africa. You can preach whatever you want to preach, the fact remains that most diasporans get their juices and fatter wallets because of the homeland opportunities. About 99% of African startups in the US are where they are because of the integrations to the native lands. Those are great things and should be celebrated.

Reverse remote japa is real! That is fueling all these big startups! 

One thing remains for Nigeria to rise: consistency in how we see evil and good. When the insignia of “Tinubu Presidential Legal Team (TPLT)” was found in the document uploaded by the presidential election tribunal, I read how some eminent lawyers explained the implications away. Had that been Buhari, those lawyers would have gone to court for answers. And as you read the tribunal outcomes across state levels, you see no consistency: a tribunal takes one out on certificates, but in another, it is not an issue. Simply, no core.

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Comment 1: Many commenting didn’t completely what Prof said or didn’t probably quite get it. Prof isn’t advocating for Nigerians in Diaspora to “Japa” back to Nigeria but to reverse their interest. Stay in US, UK, Dubai, Canada, Australia etc and repatriate $ as FDI in worthy investments in Nigeria in partnership with a credible Nigerian at home and many money passively while still being in the Diaspora.

I am in a group with Nigerians in Diaspora are making real money investing in back in Nigeria.

That’s “reverse remote japa”!

Comment 2: I know that many who arrive in Canada struggle to adjust for many reasons. The biggest reasons being the high cost of living, the cold weather, and despite what they have heard, or have been lead to believe, the lack of opportunities.

The costs are brutal in Canada. From housing to products to services, everything is inflated well above what they should be. Everything here is more expensive than in the U.S for example.

The Canadian climate is cold, especially in our winters. It is not unusual to have four solid months well below zero degrees Celsius and at least two to four weeks at minus twenty-five for example. Unless you’re in Yellowknife where the high in winter will be minus twenty-five for three months.

Almost all jobs in Canada require Canadian experience. But how do you gain experience without the experience – It’s ludicrous.

So before japaing to Canada do your homework. Canada’s university that accepts the most international students is the University of Alberta – but that is in Edmonton which is a cold place so be prepared for long cold drab consecutive months of winter with at least a meter of snow.

Cheers all, and try to have a wonderful week ahead.

Comment 3: Yes, Prof. Nigerians abroad are looking for opportunities to invest in Nigeria, but they are also reluctant due to currency depreciation, political instability, insecurity, and lack of trustworthy partners in Nigeria. I know of a family friend that was killed in Nigeria after he invested and moved to Nigeria to retire. This happened less than a year ago. The story was in the news.

The $1000 that was invested 2 years ago now worths less than $500. Some Nigerians are also shortsighted. They’d rather steal money than see how the investment creates long-term job security for them. There’s no system to hold those that steal from businesses accountable in Nigeria.
I love Nigeria, but I’ve seen too many horror stories.


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5 THOUGHTS ON The Irony of Nigeria’s Reverse Remote Japa

  1. Even Nigerians see Nigeria as a trading route, they are in a hurry to run away but still want to make money from Nigeria.

    The truth is that we are really irresponsible as a people, but of course we are great at giving reasons and justifying our individual and collective malfeasance.

    Who even cares about Nigeria and wants to make her proud? Everyone is claiming to be disappointed; that Nigeria has failed them, but no one has said how he/she also failed Nigeria.

    Nigeria remains an orphan and a widow, nobody takes care of her, but everyone wants her to take a very good care of them.

    We are actually more irresponsible than we think. A failed generation who still delude themselves that they are doing well.

    This generation’s disgrace and punishment will be greater than those before them, because they received so much without doing anything worthwhile. You had access to tertiary education and internet, your ancestors never had any, but you still think you were given nothing. Your punishment is loading.

    • In addition, I am intruigued by the number of Nigerians living in diaspora who target pockets of their fellow Nigerians who still live and work in Nigeria. The irony is not lost on us all. You claim you are making so much money abroad but then do something online to earn money from Nigeria. Simply put. We are not as poor as you tend to suggest. You know!! And some people pay!!

      That said, I have argued on a few platforms about how we are not patriotic. Those who feel otherwise told me to channel my blame towards our leaders. Pray, does patriotism have anything to do with leadership? Believing in a country is just what it is. And interestingly those who enjoyed subsidies on University education in Nigeria still believe the country did nothing for them . Everything will resolve before our very eyes over time.

    • This is harsh but true. Nobody cares or thinks about what to do for Nigeria.
      Those who have benefited immensely for her instead of returning the favour abandon her

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