The Lessons of Garage48 Lagos – Evaluation Toolkit of Ideas

Garage48 Lagos is past tense and CallCamp has won. Congratulations to the team. As we round up this experience and exercise, we refer you to this nice post by Tarmo Tali.  If you follow these ideas, you can take out the noise in your vision.


Step 1. – Search for existing solution 

Step 2. – Is your idea clear?

Step 3. – Who are your users and what is your offering?

Step 4. – Stay out of jail.

Step 5. – Does it matter?

Step 6. – Who is your team?

Step 7. – Value is more important than money.

Step 8. – Stand on the shoulders of the giants. 

Step 9. – How you boot and sustain?

Step 10. – Learn from history.

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