The Mafia’s Rail Contract in Nigeria [Video]

The Mafia’s Rail Contract in Nigeria [Video]

You might have seen that video (below) where Ethiopia paid for heavy (cargo) rail well below what Nigeria paid for the light rail per mile. The light rail should even be cheaper, but here, Nigeria was paying more. Before you shout at Buhari, this grand corruption happened before him. How did we know? The Chinese company during its earning disclosed how much it was paid for the Nigerian budget. Like the old Israeli cybersecurity contract which we were told was $300 million only for the Israeli’ firm to disclose $30 million in its report, nothing will change. This happened a long time before the current admin or the one before it.

People, Nigeria’s problem is NIGERIA and not China, USA, UK, Israel, etc. In short, these guys may come to Abuja, get a contract of $30m, go home, and someone will change it to $300M without their knowledge!

It is on that I share this letter from Kehinde Beyioku to the world’s finest innovator, Elon Musk. This is his conclusion: “Perhaps we could outsource our road construction to The Boring Company, thankfully then we can use one-third of the budget, and complete the projects in one-eight the duration proposed.” Of course, that Musk is asking for 1/3 of the budget does not mean that Nigeria will pay only that!

For over 20years we have the power plants to generate about 12,500MW of electric power but have been on a maximum cap of 4000MW and we need an estimated 180,000MW of electric power to completely service Nigeria. The fact is that the maximum we ever generated was 5150MW in 1980. We have the resources needed in abundance, we have a lot of gas, we have so much sun that could power states but somehow due to the “complexity of power” and the “rocket science” involved that cannot be solved by “mere mortals” for 20 years we have not been able to “launch into space”. What greater “rocket science” could there be Elon?


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