The Magic Behind Studying

The Magic Behind Studying

The life of a student is quite an interesting one, one every individual should experience at a certain age. Though complicated, with a lot of stories, different stories from different individuals.  Most of the young people who begin school life at a tender age, especially rich or financial buoyant people who have not for once stayed away from home may have a hard time learning to live on their own. The middle class is of no exemption. Most of the time, the University serves as an escape route for some persons who in one way or the other is experiencing some difficulties at home. 

The willingness to learn now depends on individual’s personal determination. 

I gained admission in quite a miraculous way, quite miraculous because it was sudden, was a divine favour; more like I just imagined myself gaining admission to study, and then  put in some energy and it just came. Finances came as well, but that’s a story for another day. So what followed after the admission and settling down in school environment, was a time of living “my dream”, well, in a way; I had no worries, I did whatever I wanted, hung out with friends, attended classes, made a lot of friends,because one of the advantages of a school life is the luxury of time that comes with it, you tend to do whatever you want until you get carried away. sitting with friends at the back of the class and  making jests of nothing and everything was the trend, we were easily referred to as back benchers. I read less and interacted more. But then, at the end of each semester, my grades returned my jests back to my face with ugly grades. The grades were absolutely nothing to write home about. Session ended and the Cumulative Grade Point Average was not even enough to help sustain the Scholarship I was awarded while in first year. Finally it dawned on me that I needed to change my ways. However, despite the fact that I had resorted to changing, my turning point didn’t come, until my third year.

The day of reckoning came, on my way to class one faithful day. I saw a banner at a corner, the banner was about a church event. Looking closer I could see the bold written title, “Anointing to sit down and Read”! Anointing to what?? I stopped right there. In a way, this would have turned out funny to me because it appeared just like any of those awkward papers people upload in their Whatsapp status to amuse contacts. But, this didn’t amuse me; rather it sparked a deep sense of curiosity. I can pray to God to give me the ability to sit down and read?  This was a puzzle. Still puzzled I could recall a verse of the bible from proverbs 13:4 which says “a sluggard appetite is never filled, but the desire of the diligent are fully satisfied” so God supports hard work too, and if one should seek strength from him, surely he will provide. Not ever had I imagined this. More often have we heard of people praying to God that He should reveal to them what to read, or even reveal to them the answers to the questions on the day of the exam but, no one I knew before now ever prayed for this particular point I’m looking at. So I made up my mind, this is the way to go. I need this sort of anointing, I need to sit down and read, and yes I do! I need to be free from all feelings of distraction, I need to read!

From that day onward, everything changed, all of my time had been put in a divine schedule. I became better than before, a better version of myself. I eventually found myself in the circle of those who were having the top results in the class,  and at the end of my fourth year, I was only a few points short of a first class for that singular year, I had found a break. You can find yours too.! All you need to do is to take a closer look at the following:

  • Choose your friends wisely.

The first thing that should attract you to choosing a friend is their appearance, afterwards, the words that comes out of their mouth. Because out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Mingle with like minds, in all honesty, mingle with people who are better than you that will always challenge you to do better. Friends who want to have good grades,not the ones that will settle for anything. 

  • Have a daily schedule.

Yes, this looks strange and outdated but it’s actually not. One has to be organized as effectively as possible, because not everyone will have that turning point, not everyone will experience that magic, the honest truth is, there isn’t any magic to it.  Discipline yourself. 

  • Know your Productive time.

While in school I had a problem. It was almost impossible for me to read all night. It was quite easy for a lot of people to do, but for me, it was rocket science! I made up my mind to utilize the day. Used the library during the day, then go night reading between 7pm and 12am, then go to my darling bed. Days I tried reading all night, I will wake to forget everything I read and also have a wasted and restive day. So in order words, stick to the time that works for you. If you cannot read at night, create a time to study effectively during the day or better still during that particular time that works for you.

  • Eat well.

Yes, the brain needs food. Eat well, take out time to cook and eat a balanced diet, take fruits at intervals and don’t forget that cooking saves you a lot more money than eating out. “My dear, chop o, food is good o”

  • Pray always.

A lot of factors may never allow your hard work to yield good fruit. So you must walk with God. Join a good religious body, stay active. 

Things may be complicated for any student, but one must understand that he is the architect of his own success. If you don’t study as a student, you may never get good grades, no matter what you try. So sit up, do your best , study hard because there is no magic to studying, none at all. It all depends on how disciplined you are, it depends on you! I wish you all the best in your endeavors.

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