The Meltdown in South Africa

The Meltdown in South Africa

The greatest failure in Africa is that despite our education, our minds have not been liberated. Yes, if education is the liberation of the mind, our tethered affinity to norms and dogmas has shown that we are packing certificates but our minds remain lost in the past. From Nigeria to South Africa to Kenya, Africa has failed to rise.

When your kinsman steals, it is your tribe’s turn and he must not be prosecuted. So, criminality is looked at from the lens of tribalism making it difficult for objectivity. You can never get a cryolite until you crack the shells of the periwinkle. This world has many bad people!

What we are seeing in South Africa is very unfortunate. But before you think the Westerners are better, I want to remind you what happened under President Trump and how the supposedly civilized people became thugs on national TVs. The only difference was they had the “right” to cause problems as if they were Africans or Mexicans, blood would have filled the streets of Washington DC.

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Then, football happened in London and three African Europeans missed penalties, denying England the rise to the ascension. Just like that, murals were defaced.

People, this world is the same and humans are really funny. But South Africa is redefining how low we can go! The protests MUST stop.


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One thought on “The Meltdown in South Africa

  1. When you are a failure, the only thing that preoccupies your mind is how everything can be destroyed, so that everyone will start afresh. So, once there’s a small tension in the land, your target is to look for fine houses built by your kinsmen and businesses doing well, to loot and set them ablaze. It is the natural instinct of sad creatures, and has nothing to do with political ideology or injustice; terrible people will always be terrible, it’s a vice.

    We can rationalise and make excuses as much as we like, or try to look for ethical and unethical equivalence in different parts of the world, but the common denominator is that only sad creatures do these things.

    We will soon blame the white guy or wrap racism around everything, but Cain murdered Abel, and it’s still not clear why it happened…

    Envy is perhaps the most dangerous vice out there, and until we find a cure for it.


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