The Minister’s Passport Message to Nigerians

The Minister’s Passport Message to Nigerians

There are many new measures from  the interior minister under Rauf Aregbesola to mitigate the paralysis associated with Nigerian passport issuance and renewal. Here, Samuel summarizes them; the minister’s full statement on click.

“… the launch of Temporary Passport (TP), as a replacement of the former Emergency Travel Certificate. .. a special Passport Intervention exercise, to mitigate the strains of passport renewal on Nigerians abroad … Aregbesola said the Ministry has also approved front offices at the airports, where Nigerians who arrive in the country with expired passports can have their passports renewed immediately.”

Of course do not celebrate, Nigeria cannot be so low to still be figuring out how to issue passports to its citizens when others are going to the moon. I am not posting this to commend any minister or government, I am posting it to encourage those who are looking for help on this.

In my alma mater, FUTO, if you fail MTH 101 and PHY 101, you will add an extra year before you can graduate irrespective of whatever becomes of your grades afterwards. So that Nigeria is still wasting efforts to master how to print passports is not defensible. Yes, there are mistakes and things we ought to have graduated from!

We all need to be ashamed of how low Nigeria has gone!

The Nigerian Passport Challenge: The Ministry of Interior Announces Passport Issuance At Airports


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