The mission of great firms is in burning fire!

The mission of great firms is in burning fire!
As Moses looked unto the burning bush, the Lord got his attention, and sent him on the greatest mission of his life. Three attributes there – boldness to stand a burning bush, awareness and observation to have noticed the fire. To rise in your career, do not run from uncommon challenges; have the capacity to even anticipate and confront them. The missions of great firms are fires!

In companies, only undistracted and attentive people are typically called to execute higher missions [Moses was attentive to have seen the burning bush] – think of new market opportunities and shifts in customer preferences. Firms typically put the selected ones through tests with uncommon KPIs and targets to see how they respond [can you stand a burning bush like Moses?]. In business, some firms may ask you to leave your country to go and save a new subsidiary in a very challenging territory.

Some leaders give up while others take the challenge and look up. Usually, in the middle of that challenge, glory comes [Moses would lead Israelites, he has been hired]. In business, the role could be a CEO, MD, etc to transform the business.

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You need to have the head to think and observe, and then the heart to withstand uncommon challenges; that’s how legends emerge.

You cannot become a legend or hero for doing what everyone out there can do, no, you are not doing anything extraordinary. Even kids can get things done, so you can never be special for doing ordinary things.

When people around you complain about challenges and their inability to get big things done, if you are equally complaining and seeing what they are seeing, then you are ordinary, with no capability. There are lots of ordinary people in the world, to be called for higher goals, you must separate yourself from the base level.

Don’t shout because people are shouting, don’t laugh because people are laughing, don’t wail and complain just because everyone is wailing and complaining; look deeper, think differently, you could see what no one else is seeing. If you are able to move in and take charge, then a new legend has emerged.

Be different, be unconventional, be unpredictable, be you!

Always bring something no one else can bring, then you will be eternal.

The Uncommon Preparation and Leadership: The Lesson of Burning Bush


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