The Need to Battle False Rape Allegations

The Need to Battle False Rape Allegations

Sometime in June, I put up a post on my WhatsApp status, advising my male contacts to beware of breaking up relationships that could land them in hot soup. I used the case of a viral false rape allegation, which was cooked up by a female Twitter influencer to get back at a man that turned down her sexual advances. I made it known that many women are using false rape allegations to get back at men, for some wrong doings, or to blackmail them.

To tell you that, that post didn’t go down well with most of my feminist friends will be the greatest understatement of the year. Some told me I was insensitive to women affairs. Others told me I forgot that I am a woman and should always stand by women irrespective of the situation. There are then those that blocked me and the ones that muted my status.

Well, I have one answer for them, and that is, “I am a human before I became a woman.”

For now, I don’t want to go into how feminism is destroying humanity. Maybe soon, I will address that and maybe also give reasons why the movement is misdirected. But for now, let’s focus on the causes and effects of false rape allegations.

The major reason for the increase in false rape allegation is feminism. Sorry to say this, feminists do not believe that women are wrong in any way. The movement seems to be more interested in men’s extermination than in women empowerment. Feminists cannot wait to hear another woman shout, “rape” before they pounce on the accused. They don’t listen to reasons nor hear the accused side of the story. As far as they are concerned, the accused is guilty.

Let’s forget about what causes this rampant false rape accusations and focus on effects it has on the victims.

You must have heard about the story of Izu Madubueze, who committed suicide recently because he was falsely accused of rape. Late young and vibrant Izu and other young men were accused by a Twitter influencer, Nanichi Anese, as rapists. Izu reached out privately to Nanichi to find out who he raped but the lady insisted that his ‘victim’ wants to remain anonymous. She made the allegation more public and even revealed that Izu is disturbing her to reveal his accuser. Well, when this young man could not bear with the pain and the judgment of people, he took his own life.

The death of this young man aroused suspicion and people started digging deep. Izu’s phone was checked and old chats in his phone revealed that Nanichi has asked him out before but he declined. More digging revealed that Nanichi claimed that his accuser called the rape “non-physical sexual assault”. But then damages have been done.

The case of Izu is just one in many. Some fight it out with legal battles but not many could handle that. Some falsely accused persons have lost their jobs, faces and integrity. These malicious accusers have really killed more than we can count.

Another major problem that can arise from all these false allegations is that we may be unable to know and help true rape victims. The way it is going now, very soon all rape allegations will be treated as false. The complaints of true victims may be treated as hoaxes. This means that what these feminists are doing today will backfire on women in the near future. Funny enough, they don’t know the damages they’re causing us.

Let us advise our sisters, daughters, wives and mothers. Let women stop using rape allegations as weapons to fight men. It kills not just men, but all humanities. Besides, if anyone is raped, the person should understand that going to the media to announce it will not bring him or her justice (remember the Dakolo vs Fatoyinbo case).

Finally, it’s high time justice is given to people who were falsely accused of anything – be it rape, witchcraft, fraud, misappropriation of fund, etc. Most of the time, cases like this are waved off and people expect those affected to heal and let go. But I believe those that accused people wrongly should be made to dance to the tune of the music they have been beating.

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