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The New York Supply Chain Meetup (#TNYSCM)

The New York Supply Chain Meetup (#TNYSCM)

Who can establish a Lagos branch of The New York Supply Chain Meetup? If interested and have the capabilities, email my community manager or connect directly with the Co-Founder. The world of commerce is nothing but supply chain. Lagos is a world’s premier Center of Excellence; we need to fix our supply chain. The TNYSCM is working in many global cities to make that happen.

The New York Supply Chain Meetup (#TNYSCM) is a recently formed community whose mission is to nurture and grow the world’s foremost open, global, and multidisciplinary community of people devoted to building the supply chain networks of the future – starting in NYC. Since it was founded on August 23, 2017, #TNYSCM has grown organically to include more than 1,000 members. This makes it the largest supply chain meetup in the United States, by a substantial margin. It’s growth has been driven largely by the enthusiasm its members have for topics related to supply chain, innovation, and technology. You can join the community by visiting its meetup page. There’s also a snippet, and a story in FreightWaves, about the group’s gathering in January 2018. This #TNYSCM Overview Presentation will give you a sense of the kind of community we are trying to create. #TNYSCM is the originating chapter of The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation – with sister chapters in the process of being established in Singapore and Vancouver, and with more to follow in Europe and Australia


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