The Nigerian Government finally lifts Twitter Ban

The Nigerian Government finally lifts Twitter Ban

The government of Nigeria sometime in June 2021 suspended the use of twitter in the country after the social media platform deleted a tweet made by the handle of President Muhammad Buhari about punishing the Biafra separatists.

Twitter in its user policy delete tweets that promote violence, spread false information, spread hate speech and promote abuse of persons and in enforcing this user policy they go as much as blocking or suspending and deleting accounts that don’t comply.

Their act of deleting the tweet of the president of Nigeria in June, 2021 which according to them conflicts with their users’ policy was not the first time they are coming after a tweet made by a president of a country. They have in numerous occasions deleted tweets made by President Donald Trump the former president of the United States and go as far as deleting his account and banning him for life in the platform for his failure to comply with their user policy.

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The Nigerian government in a retaliatory measure banned the use of the platform in the country and the government gave out conditions the social media company must meet before the ban can be lifted; one of the conditions is that Twitter inc should apologize to the Nigerian government for embarrassing and insulting the president of Nigeria by deleting his tweet off their platform.

After months of back and forth between the Nigerian government and the management of Twitter Inc, we can only presume that the social media platform have meet with some of the conditions given to them by the Nigerian government to warrant the government lifting the ban on the platform.

Nigerian Government Lifts Twitter Suspension After 222 Days

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